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Psst. There’s going to be a grocery store Downtown. Probably.

We got word that a grocer is finally coming to Downtown Albuquerque. Rejoice! A spokesperson with the city wouldn’t confirm any details but said there’d be a press conference at the site of the coming store—north of Silver between Second and Third Streets—on Thursday at 1 p.m.

See you there.

Public Comments (3)
  • Yay!  [ Tue Jun 26 2012 4:38 PM ]

    Whatever it is, please let it have a liquor department. Going to a seedy 7-11 for a quick six-pack to aid Sunday afternoon yard work is undignified.

  • Lowes grocery downtown will have liquor  [ Wed Jun 27 2012 4:57 PM ]

    soon. Thus the remodel.

    Very excited about a new grocery downtown. Hopefully it will have other/better options than Lowes has. Although it also looks like Lowes is stepping up their inventory game with the remodel.

    It's all very exciting.

  • About time!  [ Wed Jun 27 2012 5:45 PM ]

    Had heard rumors but great to know it's getting closer to real time. And hope it's bringing good selections!

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