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Downtown parking lot makes it clear

By Jane James [ Mon May 7 2012 8:02 PM ]

“No In-Out Privileges.” That’s what she said.


Lynette’s Albuquerque with a famous person guest appearance

By Marisa Demarco [ Tue Mar 6 2012 2:42 PM ]

Even if you want to be all cool and like, “I’m sick of that Lynette. I liked her way back when, but now ... shooooot, ” this is funny shit. It really is.


“Breading” is the New “Planking”

By Devin D. O’Leary [ Tue Jan 31 2012 4:25 PM ]

Yup. Breading is the new planking. That is all.

Fig. 3   King cobra flank


This Week's Feature: the trendy, almost absurd but nonetheless epic art of planking/flanking

[ Fri Aug 12 2011 1:00 PM ]

Captain Edward England Merriweather’s Severely Abridged Planktionary: Yesterday, my plank skank friends formal planked on top of my cousin’s wedding cake. The planktronica was so uplifting, that I, too, decided to splank on top of a table while a planktographer took some hilarious pics. What the hell did that mean, you say? Read the Alibi’s “severely abridged planktionary” to understand the sentences above, and to know what plawkers and plankophiles are.

Three, two, one FLANKOFF!: Now, if you’re too embarassed to plank, then flanking, the art of faking planks via Photoshop, is for you. The Alibi is looking for potential flank skanks who can top our epic flanks. Read the article for more details.

“Don’t Worry! I’ll save you, little buddy!”  The Odds & Ends Awards Salute 2010’s STUPIDER news.


This Week's Feature: 2010 Odds & Ends Awards—The year in weird news

[ Tue Dec 28 2010 1:41 PM ]

The 2010 Odds & Ends awards honors this year's weirdest and stupidest news.

2010 Odds & Ends Awards: The year in weird news


Sassy Gay Friend

By Edith P. Giblets [ Fri Apr 2 2010 3:07 PM ]

Sassy gay friends. If stereotypes are to be believed (so much easier than thinking!), gay friends will never let you wear something that makes your butt look big. This serious look at the phenomenon of straight lady/gay guy relationships asks, “What if Ophelia had a sassy gay friend?”

See more at The Second City Network.


Venn Diagrams

By Nick Brown [ Fri Apr 2 2010 1:24 PM ]

Our friends over at have come up with a collection of venn diagrams that manage to explain a good amount of why things are like they are.


The Perfect Punchline: “Christ, What An Asshole!”

By Nick Brown [ Thu Apr 1 2010 3:46 PM ]

Charles Lavoie has discovered the key to a unified theory of New Yorker cartoon humor.


E-mails From An Asshole

By Nick Brown [ Tue Mar 30 2010 3:48 PM ]

Remember when you tried to sell your scooter on Craigslist? And some guy kept e-mailing you a bunch of bullshit so you wished you’d never even messed around with Craigslist in the first place? Maybe it was this guy.

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