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Decor and the brain

I’m not much of a nester. My friends have lovely abodes, furnished and decorated with thought and care. They have conversations about pieces of furniture and appliances I’ve never heard of. Most of my dwellings have looked like storage units that sweat dirty clothes through their dirty clothes glands. They may also produce a protective coating of paperwork and dishes.

This morning, in a super tired dream state, I found myself a peeping Tom browsing Apartment Therapy, a website that lets you see rad things people have done with their homes. I felt the usual awe of admiring at something I will never ever achieve—attractive homedom—and a touch of annoyance. “Look at all these fancy people with their fancy paint and fancy furniture. Who even cares what color a bathroom is, or a bathroom set. Who has a bathrooms set? Matching dishes, whatever. You know, I just don’t care about this stuff. And that’s OK. And ... oh wow. Look at that.”

The picture I’ve posted here is what grabbed me. The paper globe lights over the dining table look exactly like a weird chunk of my subconscious. Since I was a kid, I’ve doodled globes of concentric rings opening at different angles almost exactly like this.

I think your house, your rooms, can almost be physical manifestations of what it looks like inside your brain. Of course, I have no psychology degree, and this theory may be as scientifically relevant as astrology.

Still, maybe it’s not that I don’t like decorating. Maybe I just have to reach further into my brain to make it happen. Because up top, it’s all ripe socks and shiny luchador masks.

Public Comments (7)
  • My non-scientific​ spin ...  [ Mon Oct 18 2010 1:16 PM ]

    I think interesting decorating is the result of style, obsession, cash flow and the urge to shop. Though it is possible to find good, cheap housewares—although the concept of cheap is relative—shopping flea markets takes more commitment than having a spare $5,000 to invest in, say, a white leather chesterfield (*in my dreams*). I define the obsession as being a devoted cleaner/organizer and having a constant quest to make a space feel good to look at. The style part is both innate and learned through research. Also, blah, blah, blah ...

  • cleaning  [ Mon Oct 18 2010 1:20 PM ]

    Give me one day in that photo and I'll make it look like a trailer.

  • it really is all about focus/obsessio​n  [ Mon Oct 18 2010 1:30 PM ]

    agreeing with jessica. some obsess about pristinely decorated rooms. some about exercising. some about video games. some about words. and so on. and then there are those with babies or kids. they don't get to obsess about anything because they don't have the time or energy. or those that work 3 jobs. or those that are in school full time.

    obsessing is a luxury.

    unless your obsessive compulsive. then it's a real drag.

    Last edited [10/18/10 1:35 PM]
  • Maxwell from Apartment Therapy  [ Tue Oct 19 2010 12:22 PM ]

    It's a great blog. That's so funny that you mention it... He used to come by my old office and he'd give me some business/blogging advice. We'd sometimes have coffee together on the Balthazaar bench.

    I skipped out on his "Shakespear on the Bluffs" party over Labor Day weekend in the Hamptons because I was already over-socialized. I did see him the following week at the yoga school.

    Small world.

  • New Mexican at the Hamptons  [ Wed Oct 20 2010 1:29 PM ]

    That seems so oxymoronic.

    Last edited [10/20/10 1:36 PM]
  • me oxymoron  [ Wed Oct 20 2010 2:21 PM ]

    Less strange if you sometimes live in NYC. But I can do oxymoronic. That's cool.

  • obsessive? no, compulsive  [ Thu Oct 28 2010 4:43 PM ]

    I love love love Apartment Therapy. They've been on my RSS feed forever. Always a valuable source of inspiration. Decor for me is a type of visual therapy. It helps me assert my choices in artsy and constructive ways. I obsess about it, but I also commit to the purchases like a Denver fan commits to season tickets. From the $9 orange table cloth I'm rocking for Fall to the *cough*muffled price*cough* modern couch I imported from Santa Fe, I'm committed to making a space that makes me feel at peace when I come home. I'm horribly messy sometimes, but it's nice to find cool furniture and beautiful accessories below it all when I do get around to cleaning up...

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