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No nachos for you, chubbsy-wubbzy!


I Can't Put Into Words How Much Last Night Sucked!

By Tom Nayder [ Fri Dec 10 2010 10:24 AM ]

All my chips were crushed.

I now have NOTHING to be thankful for.


IT'S OFFICIAL: Thursday is going to suck!

By Tom Nayder [ Mon Nov 22 2010 2:01 PM ]

7-11 is going to be closed.

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Look at my fat shadow. How am I supposed to get tacos now?


Lunch Today Sucked!

By Tom Nayder [ Thu Nov 18 2010 12:24 PM ]

This jackass parked too close.

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Why God, why?


Today Could Not Suck Any Harder

By Tom Nayder [ Wed Nov 17 2010 11:31 AM ]

The cleaning lady didn't put a bag in my garbage can.

I wish I was dead.


What A Sucky Day

By Tom Nayder [ Fri Nov 12 2010 12:41 PM ]

My cup has a hole in it.

First you were installed upside down, now you are broken.


Today Really Sucks

By Tom Nayder [ Tue Nov 9 2010 1:53 PM ]

The outlet cracked.

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I blame the Halloween candy.


Today Sucks

By Tom Nayder [ Fri Nov 5 2010 11:41 AM ]

The chair broke.

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stupid egg can't do anything right.


Today Is Going To Suck

By Tom Nayder [ Thu Nov 4 2010 11:12 AM ]

I dropped an egg.

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