What Makes a Snowflake?

Ross Van Dusen, former advertising creative director, will be at Page One Books at 2:30pm Sunday, March 13, to talk about and sign his children's book, What Makes a Snowflake (along with What Makes a Rainbow).

The book is described as such: "What makes a snowflake? We have all seen snowflakes but do we know how they happen? Artist Ross Van Dusen takes a whimsical look at how snowflakes comes to be. Everyone is told from an early age that no two snowflakes are the same. A child looks at the different shapes and sizes to give an explanation of why snowflakes are in our world. Readers will love the colors, the words and the ideas brought together in this magical book of frozen droplets of water. The art is an amazing collection of images that children and adults will fall in love with over and over again. Snowflakes will never be seen the same way again. Summary: In rhyming text this book imagines and explores the nature of snowflakes."

Van Dusen turned his attention to drawing, painting, sculpting and writing after he retired as executive vice president and creative director of a San Francisco advertising agency. He has never looked back. Van Dusen has written and published eight light-hearted mysteries for adult consumption with more on the way. But children’s books are the perfect way to combine his two main interests. He says that children’s books allow him to express the whimsy and joy all children feel—with bright colors and happy words. He also likes to include a little real information along the way. He has two grown children, one grandchild and one great grandchild. He lives in Albuquerque with wife.