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M.I.A. and Lynn Hirschberg cat-fight

It's like the entire Internet exploded in the last few days. Sunday's New York Times magazine published this piece about pop star M.I.A., who responded by tweeting the writer's cell phone number.
Childish? Hell yes.
Hilarious? Depends. As a journalist, no. As a vengeful bitch? Uh-huh. (Dear God, I hope no one ever does this to me.)
Of course, prior to that little numerical outburst, no one really had much to say about the article. But now, there's a whole smattering of commentary.
This New York Observer interview with Hirschberg gives a pretty good impression of the writer.
New York Magazine also got into it with a hilarious piece-by-piece deconstruction of the smack-down.
Jezebel has a pretty extensive story about the whole drama and an interview with the singer from another magazine.
Finally, the Village Voice points out the ridiculousness of the whole thing, via the much debated truffle oil.
While the smack talk between the two women might seem catty it's going to help them both. M.I.A. has a new album coming out and Hirschberg is leaving the New York Times to take over managing-editor duties of W Magazine, a publication not exactly known for its provocative words.
Got any other great links? Comment below. This blow-up is the most interesting (and somewhat based in reality) celebrity feud in a long, long time.
Oh, and on a final note. Someone (I wish I could remember who or find it, but I can't, sorry) tweeted that Hirschberg's whole problem stems from her red hair. Yup, the twitter-verse conspiracy theory is the article is retaliation for the "Born Free" video.