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The Daily Word 04.07.10: Asteroids, Sexy Mug Shot, Man-Eating Lizard

The Daily Word

7.7-magnitude quake rattles Indonesia.

Fleeing bank robbery suspect causes head-on collision, killing two women.

It's not looking good for those trapped coal miners in West Virginia.

An airline is now charging for you to carry on your own bag???

Police in Brooklyn close six stores on the same block for selling marijuana.

Alien landing prank causes problems in Japan. Sigh.

April is Confederate History Month if you live in Virginia.

Meet the man who took the worlds sexiest mug shot.

Are you young and out of work? Hide your Facebook profile.

Another thing to be afraid of: new species of giant man-eating lizard discovered in the Philippines.

Subway now serves breakfast sandwiches? I wonder how crappy they are?

The 28-year-old world record high score in Asteroids has finally been broken.

What the hell is a pineberry?

Archaeologists begin excavating the site of the 7,000-year-old city of Zeidan in what is now Syria.

77 years ago today King Kong opened in theaters.

It looks like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey have split up.

Don't worry, there is no Sandra Bulloock/Jesse James sex tape.


The Daily Word 03.31.10: DC Drive-by, Large Hadron Collider, Giant Isopod

The Daily Word

Drive-by shooting in D.C. leaves four dead and five others wounded.

President Obama opens offshore areas of Virginia for oil drilling.

Federal prosecutors charge Albuquerque gang in drug case.

Osama bin Laden is alive and well, giving orders.

The bodies of 21 babies wash ashore in China.

Large Hadron Collider begins smashing atoms, earth not sucked into black hole. I guess I do have to come into work after all.

The post office is moving to end mail delivery on Saturday. What does that mean for Netfix?

Who/what was buried inside this half-ton lead coffin?

Giant isopod found on the ocean floor.

GO TEAM VENTURE! Venture Brothers season 4.5 news!

What is Taco Bell like in India?

It's Shirley Jones' birthday!