The Daily Word 3.14.08

The Daily Word

John McCain thinks al Qaeda is going to try to make him lose the election. Ha ha. I can’t believe he’s pulling that shit out already.

Smart Goggles think, so you don’t have to. Plus, their stylish good looks drive the ladies wild.

Check out these photos of Spitzer’s girlfriend.

Read about the Joker.

Read about the kid who got caught with Skittles at school.

Riots in Tibet. I hope the yeti’s ok…

Here’s a picture of Saturn’s moon of Enceladus.

Could Star Wars be any more disappointing? We’ll see

Kurt Sohrbeck IS Bradley Adams, Cop Shooter. I wish I had an alias...

Read about Rio Rancho’s new Department of Police Department.

Today is Michael Caine’s birthday. Here’s the trailer for The Ipcress File.