The Daily Word 04.11.08

The Daily Word

Lawsuit says man’s fatal cancer caused by LANL nuclear waste.

American Airlines cancels most flights out of the Sunport. Frontier (the airline that will take you to Puerto Vallarta) declares bankruptcy.

State legislators don’t want to go back for a Special Session in May.

Channel 13 gets comments from UNM students regarding the Lobo’s story on an alumna successful in the sex-toy industry.

New Times owner Michael Lacey uses the n-word. Here’s his funny quote: "All present have my sincere apology. It is regrettable that any phrase of mine offended those attending a First Amendment awards banquet."

Why don’t girls play guitar?

French first lady took some naked pictures, sold one for 91k.

Obama bucks tradition in Philadelphia, won’t pay street money to ward bosses.

Satelite abandoned due to potential patent violation.

The “shock and ewww” of a D.C. madam.

Guard made a fight club in Rikers Island jail.