The Daily Word 6.16.08

The Daily Word

Cops shoot man as he stomps toddler to death.

Same Sex Weddings Begin in California. More to Come on Same Sex Separations and Divorces. Except not for these Super Lesbians I bet.

I was led to believe we had beaten the Taliban already.

There are lots of bee species. “Those fuckers sting but honey is fucking tasty.”

Earth-like planets: join in the fun.

Nobody votes in Barnes County, North Dakota. But they have a mummified dinosaur arm nearby.

There’s a 400 foot cliff in England.

Pregnant Sea Dragon Alert.

Not everybody liked that Tribal Pride party.

PNM Rate Hike?

Debbie O’Malley and Isaac Benton want a $700,000 study on the proposed downtown arena. Word is they want me to conduct the study, but I’m holding out for more money.

It’s Gino Vanelli’s birthday. If you hear some drunk singing this in a bar, it’s probably me.