The Daily Word 08.27.08

The Daily Word

Watch Clinton’s DNC speech. (Or if you can’t view the one off the DNC website, click here.)

Oil facilities may be damaged by Tropical Storm Gustav.

How mammals actually smell danger.

How Albuquerque scientists are helping to uncover the mystery of musical icebergs. (subscription/commercial/trickery required)

Richardson still stands a chance at being named the national secretary of state.

How does life get to a point where hoarding 118 animals sounds like a good idea?

The Russian and Chinese presidents met yesterday to discuss Georgia.

Passengers have been released from the hijacked plane in Sudan, but crew members are still onboard.

Nearly 600 people were arrested as illegal immigrants at an electronics manufacturing plant in Mississippi.

Psystar’s filing a countersuit against Apple, claiming their restrictions violate anti-trust laws.

Finally, something good happens in health care: Less people are uninsured.

The return of the victory garden.