The Daily Word 09.01.08

The Daily Word

A Swiss scientists discovered a new comet... and it’s much larger than earth.

Read about London’s Serial Spectacle Snatcher.

Intel is trying to perfect Tesla’s wireless power transmission.

Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter (Bristol?!) is pregnant.

Dubai’s tallest building and China’s fastest train.

A man tried to amputate his own arm in Denny’s. Why? He was super high.

Japan’s Prime Minister resigns after less than a year.

Helen Mirren was date raped... by a man. Then she did some coke. The stars come out and shine, man. Thanks for sharing.

A woman was stabbed on 68th street.

Albuquerque Clothes Burglar Arrested

Wrong Way Car Smash Kills One

Bears in the Sandia Mountains - be careful up there.

Today is Barry Gibb’s birthday and the first day of Ramadan. No links necessary.