The Daily Word 11.18.08

The Daily Word

Cryptid news. (Yesterday Nick Brown was so wrong about nothing of interest happening in New Mexico.)

Kayakers are krazy.

New Mexi budget shortfalls reported.

The financial crisis in relation to climate change.

Downtown event center: What will happen?!

Prop 8 contested.

The next congress sorted out.

The RIAA is still a motherfucker.

A story about old-age sex.

Meditations on lolcats.

Saturn is producing neat colors.

Behold the 19th century x-ray craze.

An interview with ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll lady Wanda Jackson.

The fashion of Robert Plant.

R.I.P. scary little teen death song singer.

Album of the day: Schwingungen by Ash Ra Temple. (Check it out, Jerry!)

Weather: It’s freezing at night. I hate winter.