The Daily Word 11.24.08

The Daily Word

Greek vampires sound pretty scary.

There could be lots and lots of habitable planets.

They’ve found Copernicus’ skeleton. At what point does it stop seeming morbid?

Jobs for witches in Sweden.

Testosterone injections may cure hypertrichosis.

Church of Scientology security guard shoots and kills a sword-weilding attacker.

Star Fleet races to repair its urine/anti-urine converter.

Another judge plays the Manilow card in sentencing.

Temper, temper: Boy stabs classmate with pencil, and makes national news.

Pastor urges married couples to have sex for seven days. Man, I can barely do seven minutes.

China, along with the rest of the world, hates the new Guns N’ Roses cd.

A mysterious piano was found in the woods in Massachusetts. I can hear the gears turning in M. Night Shyamalan’s head.

The British welcome back their bloody beavers.

Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa gave Michael Jackson millions of dollars to collaborate on music with him. Now, the two have reached a settlement over Jackson’s breach, but who comes off seeming like a bigger nut job?

Man dies in fatal crash while trying to text on his scooter.

Gutsy burglars target cop cars.

New Mexico may get a nuclear reactor factory.

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APD caught a double murder suspect who looks like he’s about twelve.

A Santa Fe man was stabbed 10 times by home invaders, but is going to be ok.

It’s Julieta Venegas’ birthday. Here she is singing “ Me Voy.”