The Daily Word 01.30.09

The Daily Word

N.M. spaceport starts dating Swedish spaceport.

Zombie Xing.

Domestic partnerships down to one undecided vote.

Bill to end the death penalty advances.

Life lesson No. 26: Don’t threaten your judge via e-mail.

UNM’s Schmidly clips coupons.

Richardson, too.

APS superintendent to fix dropout rates and test scores in the South Valley by ditching the principals. (p.s. Rio Grande’s mascot, the raven, is maybe the best in town.)

The most violent cartel in Mexico.

John Maynard Keynes: Love him or hate him, he built Obama’s economic plan.

Bedbugs are real and really freaking disgusting.

Acid oceans—also real.

The bacon explosion.

Dang. This woman can breed.