The Daily Word 03.05.09

The Daily Word

Top executives from defunct Countrywide now stand to make billions buying bad mortgages cheap.

California Supreme Court to examine legality of gay marriage ban.

Sudanese president says, “Warrant to stand trial for war crimes? Psssh.”

ABQ man booked for murder of his mother.

David Foster Wallace left behind hundreds of pages of an unfinished novel.

Karl Rove says Dems would love to barbeque him.

Facebook now to be more like Twitter.

U2 delivers fairly amusing ‘Top Ten’ list on Letterman, if you know anything about U2.

Apparently, Tina Fey and Paris Hilton are not BFFs.

You could put monkey ass in a clam shell, but name it Fabio and it will still be “Top Chef” fan favorite.