The Daily Word 03.16.09

The Daily Word

Alibi’s Sarah Bonneau discusses Roadrunner Day.

Old age begins at 27.

A chupacabras was photographed in Mexico. Looks a little blurry.

See the Japanese fashion robot.

Ron Silver, the villain in Timecop, died at 62 of cancer.

There are yeti footprints in British Columbia.

A captive chimp planned stone-throwing attacks on humans.

People lie about having read books.

If Frank Miller drew Peanuts.

This video shows how to make a chicken go to sleep.

Read about Hair-Blindness. It’s the flip side of Face-Blindness.

A new study on climate change could change everything.

Josef Fritzl (remember, he locked his daughter in the basement for decades?) pleads “partly guilty.”

Don Imus has prostate cancer.

A missing Albuquerque woman was found buried in her own back yard.

Richardson and the death penalty.

It’s Jerry Lewis’ birthday. The French think he’s a genius. Here he is in The Nutty Professor.

Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou and Robert Masterson for some of these fine links.