The Daily Word 04.13.09

The Daily Word

Newsflash! Lindsay Lohan is taking a break from girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Oh, but it’s a little bit weirder than that.

Here’s Homer’s Odyssey written on Twitter.

The “Never Gonna Give You Up” songwriter feels cheated by all the free Rick Rolling.

Here’s Billy Bob Thornton’s really weird interview (he was mad that they mentioned he was an actor.)

If you want to study martial arts, might I suggest this dojo?

A pregnant Japanese teacher was harassed by a Make Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club.

A passenger landed an airplane, just like in the movies.

Heroin is cheaper than beer.

Old Fogies like Facebook.

A polar bear attacked a woman in a Berlin zoo (with photo!)

Confessed pimp James Bays will be sentenced today.

Here’s a story with kids smoking pot and a narc drug buy and a mom who wasn’t at home now being charged with... see if you can make sense of it.

It’s Don Adams’ birthday. Here he is joking about dying. Here’s the Cone of Silence.

Special thanks to Geoffrey Anjou and Robert Masterson for some of today’s fine links.