The Daily Word 05.04.09

The Daily Word

An artist drank liquid soap and went crazy on an airplane.

Another murder-suicide in Florida.

Look for beetles, toads and squirrels to help scientists.

The Dallas Cowboys’ practice canopy collapsed and broke their scouting assistant’s back.

Cities that rely on only one industry are more recession-proof. That doesn’t include Albuquerque.

A California three-year-old was abducted at gunpoint.

James “ Siberius” Kirk? What? Ok, now I’m pissed.

A teen is blinded by the rare Racoon Roundworm (found in racoon feces, so stop playing with them).

The Siberian yeti hunt resumes with warmer weather.

Nicaraguan “ crazy sickness” afflicts women.

Spiders go into a coma to cheat drowning.

Wolverine bought breakfast for 87 people in Tempe.

Club 7’s owner is arraigned today on charges including child abuse.

Macarthur Cordova is accused of shooting Dedrick Harmon over a DVD player.

Threat of Swine Flu is keeping 14 New Mexico schools closed.

The ancient recipe for Dr. Pepper is found. Kind of.

It’s Audrey Hepburn’s birthday. Here she is in Wait Until Dark with a very evil Alan Arkin. Check out the spooky music in this trailer, too.