The Daily Word 05.18.09

Top News Stories from Albuquerque and Beyond

The Daily Word

4.7 earthquake rattles LA.

See a photograph of a stealth bomber breaking the sound barrier.

The Siberian yetis eat wild leek crops. (With photo of wild leek.)

A man gave birth to his twin through his bellybutton.

Learn the secret rules of ghost hunting (e.g. no dirty underwear).

Have you seen a shadowy entity wearing a hat and black cape? Do you want to pretend that you have? Then The Hat Man Project is for you.

The abducted CA boy was found in Mexico.

Did modern humans eat the Neanderthal into extinction?

Look at some awkward family photos.

There was an explosion and fire at a Delaware oil refinery.

Obama struggles with Isreal.

Woody Allen sued American Apparel.

The pope was in the Hitler Youth.

I-40 is a cruel joke.

Crooks steal air conditioners from APS.

It’s George Strait’s birthday. Here’s his hit song “ The Chair.”