The Daily Word 06.08.09

The Daily Word

North Korea sentenced two American journalists to 12 years in a labor camp. Labor camp doesn’t sound like much fun.

Introducing the second Indian Buffalo Clone. With dipping sauce.

Read about the latest in non-leathal weaponry.

Awesome 1970s Eastern European pop star album covers. (Courtesy of Robert Masterson.)

Hidden carbon emission concerns for public transportation may alarm environmentalists.

June snow in North Dakota.

Ben Radford doubts that there are any living dinosaurs.

Did a meteor take down flight 447?

Here’s the newest footage of the Lake Champlain sea monster.

A body was found by a dumpster at Commercial and Indian School.

The body of missing Sandra Sanchez was found in Water Canyon near Socorro.

Smoke from the “ Diamond Fire” in the Gila is blowing up to Albuquerque. I was wondering why it was so hazy.

A vehicular homicide suspect who fled on foot last night has been arrested.

Spc. Christopher Kurth of Alamagordo was killed in Iraq last Thursday when a grenade hit his vehicle. Rest in peace, Kurth man.

Sit-ups are bad for you.

As always, check the Morning Fix over at DCF for more news stories that I was too lazy or shallow to cover.

It’s Bonnie Tyler’s birthday. Here’s a little “ Total Eclipse of the Heart” for you. You’re welcome.