The Daily Word 07.17.09

The Daily Word

Suicide bombers kill people in American luxury hotels in Jakarta.

There was a little earthquake in New Mexico last night.

Curandera con artist made $30,000, say police.

State voting machines suck, say elections officials.

A 30-foot-tall pistachio in Alamogordo.

McCain’s daughter says Joe the Plumber is a dumbass and that you can be Republican and still support gay rights.

What Obama said to the NAACP.

Manny Ramirez not so nice to fans.

Sotomayor almost good to go.

When is it not OK for kids to run around the house naked?

Cupcakes aren’t over. Not even in New York.

This lizard is light as a feather.

This Triceracoptor is for sale.