The Daily Word 08.17.09: Morgues, Pot, Man Guts, Cocaine

The Daily Word

Book learnin’ at the ol’ morgue.

I know the dirty word she’ll use when she sees me.” Someone write a song about this man.

Auditor says embezzlers took almost an entire year’s worth of funding from a tiny school district near Cuba, N.M.

Clothing bank for students is running low on clothes.

A profile of the man who applied for the state’s second medical marijuana growers’ permit.

Hispanic rights group rallies against Tasers.

Amazing brushes with death.

Judges who vote twice and the juries that convict them.

Man guts are in.

Public option may be off the operating table.

Alcoholics misread faces—not just when they’re drunk, either, according to study.

95 percent of dollar bills in D.C. have cocaine on them.

New hope for the yeti.