The Daily Word: Pay Raises in City Hall, President Cum Motivational Speaker and ... It’s Raining

The Daily Word

Why are City Hall staffers getting giant pay raises before Mayor Chavez leaves office?

George W. Bush is going to be a motivational speaker. Ha!

Google partners with major music labels to promote sampling and buying tunes online.

People in Albuquerque are still really excited it’s raining. If you’re one of those people, here’s a map that will tell you how much it’s rained in your neighborhood (“My estimated rainfall is bigger than your estimated rainfall.”)

APS contemplates healthier nutrition guidelines.

Gov. Richardson is getting called out by state legislators for his political appointments.

One of the chimps at the zoo died.

A man in Boston was arrested for terrorism charges.

Barnes & Noble launches its own e-reader. Does anyone buy these things? Do you buy these things?

Pulitzer Prize-winning, former LA Times journalist Jack Nelson dies at 80.

Why it’s never a good idea to have an affair with a crazy person.