The Daily Word 2.16.10: UNM Stabbing, Camera Tasers, Sex Insurance

A woman was stabbed in the neck by the anthropology building on UNM’s Campus.

Instant karma: Man steals a motorcycle in Belen, only to die outrunning a deputy.

A psychologist has sex with a patient, and bills her insurance company each time

EMI puts Abbey Road studios up for sale.

Weaponized Big Brother? Video-equipped tasers are distributed in Santa Fe County.

The suspect wanted in the Westside home invasion turns himself in at the advice of his lawyer.

The Taliban’s top military leader captured in Pakistan by the U.S.

Five people are dead after a small plane crashes in New Jersey.

A passenger aboard an Air Canada flight takes a swing at former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Kevin Smith vows to never fly Southwest again and will “scorch the earth” with complaints.

Thousands brave the chilly temps and flood the streets for Mardi Gras.