The Daily Word 5.10.10: Supreme Court, Beaver Dam, Hantavirus.

The Daily Word

Obama nominates Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.

Lena Horne died.

A German scientist believes he has found a genome sequence that proves Neanderthals interbred with modern humans.

Gas prices will be going down again.

Shooting, bombing, violence and killing occurred in Iraq today.

Fannie Mae wants an $8.4 billion addition to previous federal bailouts.

Russian tries their hand at a mining disaster.

The world’s biggest beaver dam was spotted by satellite.

More real-life costumed superheroes.

Hantavirus is back in New Mexico.

It’s the 10th anniversary of the Cerro Grande fire. Goodbye, sweet comic book collection.

There was a shooting outside UV Nightclub.

Kathy Borrego killed herself.

A propane fire at Bridge and Sunset wrecked Mother’s Day.

Another UFO was spotted over New Mexico.

It’s Sid Vicious’ birthday.