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The Daily Word 5.31.10: Dennis Hopper, Chris Elliott, UV Nightclub.

The Daily Word

The oil is still gushing. Maybe they should just nuke it.

Dennis Hopper died. Rest in peace, Mr. Booth.

A tripping cage fighter ripped out a heart in the very untrue sounding news story.

Taliban commander Haji Amir was reportedly killed by a US air strike.

Don’t fall for this Facebook scam.

In Nevada, a natural arch naturally fell.

See what happens when three people claiming to be Jesus meet in a mental hospital.

UV Nightclub has shut down.

It’s illegal to cut cactus.

Aztec municipal workers now enjoy a four-day work week.

Check out Duke City Fix for more headlines.

It’s Chris Elliott’s birthday.

Public Comments (5)
  • The Comet is Coming  [ Mon Jun 21 2010 3:32 PM ]

    Imagine that we discovered that the government had discovered that there was a comet on course to hit the Earth two months ago. A comet capable of killing between two million to three hundred million people. And the government has done nothing about it, like look into utilizing a nuclear option against it. Read the following.

    June 18, 2010 (LPAC) — Economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche said today that a critical matter of the BP/Gulf of Mexico oil disaster for which President Obama has to be held to account, is that he has taken no steps to clear the most likely ultimate method of ending the oil gusher — a peaceful nuclear explosion (PNE).

    LaRouche charged that the President, despite accumulating evidence, has failed to act on the fact that — since this blowout may actually be a systemic blowout of a whole area of leaks, or a single disastrous blowout greater than hitherto acknowledged — in those cases the United States would have to use a peaceful nuclear explosion to end it.

    "The President should have been advised of this, and he should have already gone to other signators of the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty," LaRouche said. "We should have gotten the agreement of the parties, in advance, to prepare an exception for this case, in case it may be necessary, with the implication that it may be necessary in other cases as well."

    By seeking such agreement in advance, the President would also have been initiating preparations, LaRouche emphasized, since the United States may ultimately have no other way to stop the blowout. But Obama, on this front as on others in the Gulf crisis, has done nothing.

    The competence and experience to design and deploy a device appropriate for use in sealing the blown-out BP well exists within the United States national laboratories. The United States' national laboratories have extensive experience with peaceful nuclear explosions, as well as with hundreds of underground nuclear tests carried out through 1992.

    For more details see


    Chuck Stevens

  • Huh?  [ Mon Jun 21 2010 6:39 PM ]

    I'm assuming you got this information from Art Bell.

  • T-urds into gold?  [ Mon Jun 21 2010 7:27 PM ]


    If Lyndon LaRouche, who thinks he knows a lot about oil-gathering machinery and deep wells, knows something the BP peeps don't know, lets go for it! However, what if a blast caused the hole to be the size of a mile wide instead of a large pipe?

    My vantage point is that there is a pin-prick hole and an oil-field the size of New Mexico underneath. It is a high-pressure geyser through which oil is forced through. Hey Chuck, if you know of a way to enlist the Labs to turn t-urds into GOLD, then post here again please.



  • How Much of HRH's Oil Do You Want To Ingest  [ Wed Jun 30 2010 3:51 PM ]

    Given that the Obama administration and BP are sitting on the situational and geological data on Deepwater Horizon blowout it is impossible to fully determine what is going on there and what can be done about it. If you want a detailed technical analysis from the data available contact me at chuckstvns@gmail.com. As Milo D. Nordyke has detailed on CNN's Situation Room or at


    the use of a Peaceful Nuclear Explosive should be carefully studied and may be the only way to stop the leak. As the U.S. experimentally determined over many decades of research, nuclear explosives have a much wider array of predictable effects which make them far superior to ordinary explosives. These effects range from EMP, heat, shockwaves, laser beams, etc. Most of them are classified top secret. As more and more the United States and the World are inundated by oil from the Gulf, there is no question that Obama will be impeached. The only question is how much of HRH's oil will you be forced to ingest before that happy day.

  • Obama impeached?  [ Thu Jul 1 2010 10:24 AM ]

    Surely you jest.

    As more and more the United States and the World are inundated by oil from the Gulf, there is no question that Obama will be impeached.

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