The Daily Word: Assange, Facebook twins, film industry

The Daily Word

Protesters close in. Qaddafi blames hallucinogenic drugs and bin Laden.

Tomorrow, a Day of Rage in Iraq.

Union protests spread across the United States.

Assange can be sent to Sweden for the sex crimes case, judge says.

These twins say they invented Facebook.

Standoff in the Legislature over New Mexico’s film industry.

Do away with athletics at UNM, says graduate student group.

Board members were using the Housing Authority as their own cash-dispensing ATM, says Auditor Hector Balderas.

Secretary of State Dianna Duran is calling on the auditor to look into “irregularities” in the way Mary Herrera ran the place.

It’s usually the coach, right? This time, police say a band director in Alamogordo slept with a student.

Alligator behind the sofa.

House Democrats want to put an end to the national Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as being between a man and a woman.

The ’90s are back. Wikkid.