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The Bosque is closed

No one is allowed to enter the Bosque, the Rio Grande Valley State Park or any other Open Space area, Mayor Richard Berry announced today. The city is in extreme fire danger, and rain isn’t due any time soon. Police and fire patrols will scour the city’s wild areas, and anyone who’s caught violating the restriction will face a $500 fine and/or 90 days in jail.

If you see anyone using illegal fireworks, call 833-7390. From 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. on Saturday, July 2; Sunday, July 3; and Monday, July 4; that number is 833-7335.

Public Comments (2)
  • Eyes and ears  [ Tue Jun 28 2011 9:35 PM ]

    All of we citizens have eyes and ears. This is a time for the citizenry to observe and report. Look around, please. There are not enough firefighters to put up with petty backyard blazes, when major wildfires are raging. While we are at it... let property owners who are leasing space to fireworks tents know what you think of their principles. Boycott!

    Little kids don't need explosions on the 4th as part of their entertainment. They can attend the various parades in Rio Rancho, Corrales, Los Ranchos and elsewhere for their education.



  • Well, that's a real bummer.  [ Wed Jun 29 2011 11:20 PM ]

    They shouldn't close the trail for everyone. There are many of us who ride our bikes on that trail and use it for jogging. You should be allowed to be on it as long as you're not doing anything fishy. People like myself use it for nothing else but exercise and now we can't. It's really unfortunate. If you're out there on a bike or in jogging gear, you shouldn't be fined. Check my Camelbak, it's full of the opposite of fireworks, it's filled with WATER. This is the best time to use the trail and now we can't.

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