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Police say they uncovered three meth labs in one apartment near San Pedro and Kathryn.

Largest release of Myanmar political prisoners to date.

D.A. says the five cops who cleaned up Tera Chavez’ murder scene won’t be tried.

Reporter who wrote for several New Mexico publications found dead.

Bus passenger records L.A. cop elbowing woman in the face.

Sunday is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Here are some previously unpublished photos from the day he was killed, as well as video of a lesser-known speech.

Mitt Romney actually wasn’t getting a shoe shine in front of a private jet. Yeah, I’m a little let down, too.

Indiana police say man stole car, then threatened to eat them and their dogs.

Beijing Apple store gets egged because the new iPhone was late.

Awesome cliff goat pictures.

Obama looks to merge trade and commerce agencies.

I hate it when the Fuckin’ Sale ends.

Why eat a Milky Way when you could eat the whole solar system?

In case you weren’t aware that Rick Perry has been relegated to joke status.

Charges looming for marines who peed on Afghan corpses.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Study says bacon may give you pancreatic cancer. That doesn’t change the fact that ...