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The Daily Word in Astorga, Amsterdam, the NFL

The Daily Word

Shuttle Enterprise coasts into retirement in NYC atop a 747.

Death penalty trial for Michael Astorga begins.

In less than a year it may be illegal for tourists to buy pot in Amsterdam.

Breaking down Round 1 of the NFL draft.

Albuquerque police arrest firefighter in connection with burglary ring.

NBA Playoff matchups set, first round starts Saturday.

Attack of the lobster-sized cannibal shrimp.

Putin, Vlad Putin.

Ever seen a flying bear on tranquilizers?

Blind Chinese activist may be under U.S. protection after escaping house arrest.

Bieber ignorantly disses Indonesia. Maybe this stupid video of him fakely getting beat up will make you happier. Probably not, though.

Naked Romanian cyclist ticketed for not wearing a helmet.

Man arrested for DUI says he fled the scene because he “had the runs.”

This woman is really hot—if you’re made out of Legos.

Public Comments (3)
  • Real Barbie  [ Fri Apr 27 2012 11:18 AM ]

    Convincing. Right down to the cold, unfeeling eyes.

    (Doesn't know who Stoya is, my ass. BRING BACK GW!)

  • Space shuttle blues  [ Fri Apr 27 2012 9:21 PM ]

    I've been a proud American since I watched the moon landing on the family black and white TV. It saddens Americans of my age that we will not be in outer space for generations to come, if ever again. We will need to beckon Russians and Chinese for any desires above our atmosphere. Truly, our Beautiful Country is in decline.

    And yet, most of my acquaintances are on government assistance of some sort. The most aggregious of today (I should post one every day so peeps will finally get it... no-nothings! to borrow a phrase). She had her rubbers on the wheel-chair she doesn't really use, or rarely, re-covered at $2500. Then she had the home help care re-instated because she is bored and likes visitors again. This is at a cost of $75 per hour and all they do is drink coffee together. I understand that this creates jobs. But at what cost? Does everyone have to work for the damn government eventually, in some capacity? And the young lady watches the time on her cell-phone the entire time because she hates her job.

    I went back to the pictures to rejoice.



  • Daily report  [ Sat Apr 28 2012 9:58 PM ]

    A different woman is bummed because her son turned 18 years of age. She's not bummed because he is a Man now (he sure isn't). She's bummed because the SSI ran out. Now only one daughter on SSI. She was lucky and sold the house for just low asking price $280,000., but in one week, Luck.

    She's actually leaving the State now. After nine years of sustenance from us. Though she is a Mexican citizen, she did remarkably well here.

    There will be another story tomorrow.



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