Activists to protest Pat Rogers’ racist remark

When I first spotted the subject line of an email about Pat Rogers’ gaffe, I thought the whole thing was a weird joke.

But word quickly spread that Rogers, the state’s committeeman for the Republican National Convention, said this bizarre thing: He wrote in a private email that Gov. Susana Martinez dishonored Col. George Custer by meeting with Native Americans.

Custer killed Native Americans—including women and children—before being brought down at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Rogers says he was just kidding.

Most politicians in the state say Rogers was wrong for making the crack, though no one’s called for his resignation.

Tomorrow, the Answer Coalition will demonstrate in front of Rogers’ offices at 500 Fourth Street at 5 p.m. “New Mexico is a state with 22 Native American nations. Rogers must be immediately dismissed from the National Committee of the Republican Party,” the coalition writes in a news release.