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The Daily Word in Red Bull, Scientology and Weaponization.

The Daily Word

An heir to the Red Bull fortune is accused of a fatal hit and run.

Did the Church of Scientology audition girlfriends for Tom Cruise?

Old Navy needs a new proofreader.

An Iowa air show disaster was caught on tape.

The Obama White House brews beer.

Here are some “perfectly timed” photos.

Here is some interesting song trivia.

Here’s what happens when you try to kick a cop.

Weaponize your life with these fun projects.

Keanu is sad.

This map of the Fantasy World can’t possibly be accurate.

Albuquerque is going to host a conference on sex offender issues.

Tractor won the fight for growlers in Nob Hill.

Russ Sype for President.

Happy birthday, Beyonce.

Public Comments (2)
  • Weaponize your life!?  [ Wed Sep 5 2012 1:42 PM ]

    WTF!? More proof that the First Amendment can be just as hazardous to public safety as the Second...

  • Stupid Amendments!  [ Thu Sep 6 2012 9:55 AM ]

    In the beginning, they seemed to know that safety was most important, and some of them expressed it so beautifully:

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Guarantees of Safety, that among these are Armor and Padding, Harnesses and Rails, and Absence of Scary Ideas." (Note: the word really is "harnesses," not "harneffes"; it's a popular misconception that the letter "s" hadn't been invented yet.)

    And they formed wonderful slogans, such as "Give me safety or give me death" or "Don't tread backwards near me, unless you make a loud beeping sound."

    But somewhere along the way, it got all corrupted and they lost their way. The hundred-dollar-bill guy tried to warn them, "They who can give up essential safety to obtain a little temporary liberty, deserve neither" but it was too late.

    I'd vote to try to undo this corruption, but I'm afraid to.

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