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The Daily Word in Bob Schwartz, Call of Duty and a garage murder-suicide.

The Daily Word

Bob Schwartz died.

General John Allen is ensnared in Operation Secret Girlfriend.

TS Eliot’s widow Valerie died.

Five are dead in a tragic garage murder-suicide.

The eye in the drain.

What’s Hillary Clilnton’s favorite TV show? Hint: it’s not as funny as Green Acres.

Futuristic bionic hand scares children.

What’s in a crazy person’s suitcase?

Cyber attacks are on the sneaky rise.

Should your church influence your voting?

Call of Duty” is linked to Call of Not Feeling Well Today (Cough).

A pine marten turns up.

A woman ran over her husband for not voting.

The World Pole Dancing Championship.

Petitions have been filed for 20 states to secede from the nation. Presumably because Romney didn’t win.

The scary Black Jesus will steal your soul.

Victoria’s Secret apologizes for a tasteless and culturaly insensitive sexy Indian costume.

Look at these cool paper sculptures.

I somewhat disagree with this list of greatest Bond songs.

There’s a body in a burnt car south of Belen.

A man called 911 and confessed to a 1991 murder.

Happy birthday, Dack Rambo.

Thanks to Constance Moss and Susan Petersen for the excellent links!

Public Comments (5)
  • Brilliant Petitioners  [ Tue Nov 13 2012 10:46 AM ]

    The neat thing about the president being a lawyer by profession, is that if the secessionists get enough signatures on this White House (!?!) petition, they'll get some free legal advice. Then the president can tell them to either petition Congress (the legal way) or their state government (the cool way).

  • pine marten, or nasty honey badger!  [ Tue Nov 13 2012 3:31 PM ]

    too cute to be nasty.

    Visit Page

    Last edited [11/13/12 3:32 PM]
  • Where/when was his practice in law  [ Thu Nov 15 2012 8:46 PM ]

    Is the President actually a lawyer by profession??? Yes, he went to the Harvard Law School, but did he establish a practice or engage in taking legal cases. We know he was a "community agitator" and affiliated with the corrupt group Acorn, but that's hardly a professional career. Just askin'



  • lawyer Obama  [ Fri Nov 16 2012 9:15 AM ]

    Is the President actually a lawyer by profession??? Yes, he went to the Harvard Law School, but did he establish a practice or engage in taking legal cases.

    Just like everyone else's life, it's more complicated than that but yeah, he's worked at a law firm. I was actually thinking of his academic lawyering, though. I try to picture him as patiently schooling morons who don't know how to secede or even have a basic grasp of just what their relationship of with the federal government is. But all my visions of that fail and are replaced with him being a smartass and having fun with them.

    I'm not a big Obama fan (never voted for him) but I love the idea of Republicans trying to play lawyer or civics against him, where they risk having all their pretenses of conservatism exposed. It just seems like of all the things the election-losers should be doing, bringing up the issues involved with secession (even if it's not serious), and asking for a response from this president, with this particular education and set of skills, has got to be one of the dumbest moves possible. It almost makes me wonder if these petitions were started by Democratic party strategists so they'd have a strawman to talk about. ;-)

    It's like discussing cocaine with Bush2, getting into an argument about blowjobs with Clinton, debating surveillance strategies with Bush1, etc. Know what I mean?

  • Thanks for admitting you are wrong  [ Sat Nov 17 2012 10:53 PM ]

    OK, so you are abandoning your statement that BO was a "lawyer by profession". Thank-you, that's all that I asked. The rest of your comments were fluff to disguise your original mis-statement. Actually I have to give you credit; most people don't admit they mis-spoke.

    Secession is obviously a symbolic gesture and most States weighed in, FWIW. This Country is nearly at a civil war. So much for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I was a disenfranchised voter in Rio Rancho, and I promise that I'm one angry citizen. There are thousands here, in the same frame of mind. I looked forward to voting this election more than any other, and we blame the Democratic machine. They even managed to vote in another Dem to County Clerk for Sandoval County, replacing the corrupt previous mannequin, mainly because they suppressed the RR vote.

    And finally. BO is not the intellect you think he is. I see nothing but bumper stickers when he speaks. And he fakes this 'tude that, if you disagree with his policies, then you are against everything good in the World. his emperor complex is like a Cardinal personality trait in Psychology circles.



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