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The Daily Word in abortion bill, Tina Turner and Tailly

The Daily Word

President Obama to name Denis McDonough as new White house chief of staff.

It is possible that some New Mexico school employees will be allowed to carry concealed guns on campus.

Tina Turner is becoming a citizen of Switzerland.

The lawyer of teen murder suspect is criticizing the sheriffs office for releasing “inflammatory information.”

Tailly: the latest in mood-telling technology.The faster your heart beats, the faster it wags.

New Mexico bill threatens to criminalize abortion after rape.

Kim Kardashian’s hopes of being a divorced woman have been rejected … again.

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  • 9 Republican women co-sponsored this bill. SHAME on them!  [ Fri Jan 25 2013 10:34 AM ]

    Nine House Republicans, all women, signed on as co-sponsors. Jane Powdrell-Culbert of Corrales; Dianne Hamilton of Silver City; Anna Crook of Clovis; Sharon Clahchischilliage of Kirtland; Yvette Herrell of Alamogordo; Monica Youngblood of Albuquerque; Kelly Fajardo of Belen; and Nora Espinoza and Candy Spence Ezzell, both of Roswell.

    SHAME on them.

    If you want to email them and point out that abortion is legal in the US, here are their addresses:

    "jpandp@comcast.net" <jpandp@comcast.net>,









  • A modest proposal  [ Fri Jan 25 2013 1:32 PM ]

    Brown said in a statement Thursday that she introduced the bill with the goal of punishing the person who commits incest or rape and then procures or facilitates an abortion to destroy the evidence of the crime.

    You know, that really is a risk. And the longer the interval, until the evidence becomes protected in a guarded evidence room where its chain of custody can be ensured, the higher shall be that risk and the greater the doubt cast upon the authenticity/relevance of the evidence.

    Brown, have you considered a different approach? When rape is alleged, the victim should be monitored for pregnancy, and if any pregnancy is detected for the next few months, an abortion should be required and forced, regardless of any person's wishes. The aborted fetus (and its precious evidence-bearing DNA) would be stored in an evidence room.

    This way, the evidence's value will be highest and its protection most likely, thereby frustrating the plans of rapists who may wish to destroy or taint the evidence. There is ample precedent for things being taken away from people, whenever law enforcement thinks that something may some day have evidentiary value in court. That's even true in situations where the person possessing the evidence is not a party to the case (neither prep nor victim) or if they futilely claim that being deprived of the item is a hardship or a violation of their rights -- much moreso whenever the person with the evidence may be biased and, themselves, possibly have motivation to tamper with it (one way or the other).

    (Movie idea: rape victim is psychologically manipulated, changes mind about prosecuting, gets a in-utero blood transfusion for the fetus to exonerate the criminal. Later, child is born of rape but a test fails. Rapist goes free and then kills them both. The end. I guess it's a horror-suspense movie. Damn how did this shit get so dark? Things just haven't been quite the same since 7even.)

    If you feel securing the evidence of the serious crime of rape is more important than peoples' other rights, then it is important that these fetuses be forcibly aborted and stored, a sacrifice made for the sake of the rule of law and the cause of justice. Perhaps 2013 is the year we finally end rape!

    Some people may say my idea doesn't make sense, but at least it makes more sense than Brown's original bill and its stated justification.

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