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Babies at the BioPark

By Sara Jenkins, fearless Alibi intern [ Thu May 2 2013 1:51 PM ]

ABQ BioPark&amp;rsquo;s yet-to-be-named newborn giraffe calf
ABQ BioPark
ABQ BioPark’s yet-to-be-named newborn giraffe calf
The ABQ BioPark has welcomed another member to its family.

On April 20, an 18-year-old giraffe named June gave birth to a 120-pound girl. The newborn giraffe has yet to receive a name, but, in the coming weeks, Facebook users can help name the giraffe by visiting the ABQ BioPark's Facebook page and voting on the calf's name.

The ABQ BioPark has other recently-born members, such as: Chopper, a male White rhino; Kix, a male Bactrian camel; Kiran and Kalmali, two male snow leopards; Daizy, a female Asian elephant; and Reese, a female orangutan.

Celebrate Mother's Day by welcoming the yet-to-be-named, newborn giraffe and by visiting other new family members at the ABQ BioPark.

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