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The Daily Word: Geronimo, heroin, therapy kangaroo

The Daily Word

Geronimo's great-grandson objects to bin Laden's codename.

How did they find bin Ladin?

House approves antiabortion package.

A lot of heroin in Albuquerque ($300K sold daily), says the Sheriff's Office.

"Seal Team 6, a unit so secretive that the White House and the Defense Department do not directly acknowledge its existence."

PRC investigates whether the gas company broke any rules during the cold snap.

Intel's air permit has been updated in spite of neighbors' health complaints.

The AP won't cover today's GOP presidential primary debate because of restrictions placed on the press by sponsors FOX News and the South Carolina Republican Party.

Pelosi wants more transparency in fraking.

Last WWI vet dies. He was 110.

Obama's mom.

Things are getting better, so Glenn Beck became irrelevant, argues WaPo columnist.

Therapy kangaroo.

Public Comments (3)
  • Barkeep, gimme a Bin Laden  [ Thu May 5 2011 12:43 PM ]

    Ya know, two shots and splash of water!

    I think the wrinkles in this are explained as cover story BS to protect the Pak(s) who finally ratted him out! Helis land, crash, explosions, gunfire for 40 minutes and none, zero, zip, nada of the hundreds of Pak cops/troops just minutes away interfere at all!? Yeah, right...

    Darn, no pics of OBL's body. I guess helmet cam video of the shooting is out too?

    As far as the OBL code name, I can understand why they picked it (both tough to find), and why some are pissed off (Geronimo, Pancho Villa... my terrorist is your hero).

    Last edited [5/5/11 12:56 PM]
  • Geronimo  [ Thu May 5 2011 2:03 PM ]

    This famous Apache successfully eluded American soldiers for many years.

  • Barkeep, keep the drink, gimmie some marijuana...  [ Thu May 5 2011 9:46 PM ]

    Why? I like common sense! I like ABQ native Adam Kokesh on Russia Today!

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