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The Daily Word: death by pinto beans; psychic experiment; NM Dept of Tourism flap; Kony 2012 under the influence?

The Daily Word

Santa Fean Emily Gillette settled with airlines over a 2006 breast-feeding induced deplaning.

New Mexico Department of Tourism was under fire for hiring an out of state firm to manage their new ad campaign (filmed by an out of state production company) and everyone was just waiting for them to step in more shit.

Colorado man killed by pinto beans.

Psychics might be legitimate but nobody really knows.

Now Mike Huckabee is after Limbaugh's ass.

The Kony 2012 guy Jason Russell appears to be have been dosed with PCP or STP or 1800mg LSD or maybe he just had an exhausting day. Who hasn't. Scroll down to video link.

No car insurance? No gas.

These people did not like the test-screening of Videodrome.

Spot the differences in the 1963 and 1991 editions of Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever.

Anti Thief carrying case!

First thought: more than one pair of glasses usually means a person is drunk, high or certifiable. Second thought: I wonder if there are Bat-Girl socks?

On this day in 1944 Danny De Vito was born.

Public Comments (4)
  • Scarry  [ Sun Mar 18 2012 2:16 PM ]

    Politically correct at last.

  • Nice crack  [ Mon Mar 19 2012 10:12 AM ]

    about the multiple glasses!

  • Batgirl socks?  [ Mon Mar 19 2012 1:19 PM ]

    How do you know they're not batman socks? Because they're knee highs? That's just confusing. She needs her own symbol. They should stick a pair of tits on that bat, or something.

  • Excellent point  [ Tue Mar 20 2012 7:43 AM ]


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