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The Daily Word in the "forest boy" hoax, the "Kindness in America" hoax, a Subgenius shakeup and Captain Picard Day

The Daily Word

Undercover APD officer goes to "Chinese massage" parlour, asks for massage and then arrests woman when she agrees to give a massage.

Susana Martinez and some legislators use their personal email for state business and some say that excludes those emails from public records requests.

NM Governor Martinez doesn't like Obama's executive order allowing children of illegals to gain legal status. Washington Post says newly made citizens will take our jobs.

Is Obama going to go after the weed vote?

The British recovered a lost WWI submarine with an interesting history.

In this bath salts freakout the guy was scared he was going to be eaten.

The "Kindness in America" author actually shot himself.

"Forest Boy" was lying.

New Jersey wine competes with French wine.

Lacey Wildd wants to get a thirteenth breast enlargement even though her tits could explodde.

Swedish authorities failed to prove that explicit Manga qualifies as child pornography.

Meet AJ Weberman, Bob Dylan's single most obsessed fan.

Website posts The Oatmeal's cartoons without permission, then threatens to sue when the cartoonist pointed this out.

Check out this bizarre David Hasselhoff commercial.

Ten terrible tattoos of hard rock hideousness.

Babies in cellophane!

It's finally over.

Reverend Stang retired from leading the Church of the Subgenius because he is tired of the asshole membership.

Happy Captain Picard Day!

Public Comments (11)
  • typical cop behavior  [ Sat Jun 16 2012 7:49 PM ]

    asked for a "massagee???" They've got to do better than that. Ridiculous!

  • Constitutional​ odds and ends, no worries!!!  [ Sat Jun 16 2012 10:47 PM ]

    Interesting that the President promised a crowd at La Raza that he would "do things my way" and he was annoyed by Congress over the Dream Act vote. Does anybody remember Harry Reid including another bill to it, at the 11th hour that Republicans just could not accept and the whole bill was voted down. My peeps were incensed and they didn't know who to blame. Cautiously, some asked what the Dems were doing and why.

    Now it's an Executive Order in an election year when he's resorted to 160 fund-raisers and the Hollywood pond-scum to win re-election. Desperation. And the plan doesn't even come close to solving the problem of illegal immigration, or assist States like ours and Arizona. I wish he would manage our Country and quit traveling to fund-raisers...

    actually, maybe those fundraisers are a better place than Tuesdays in the Oval Office where he selects "enemy combatants" he wants to murder, including collateral damage; i.e. little kids by the drones.

    Mr. President, please concentrate on "battle ground States" and give the rest of the World a break.



  • Hope & change for Natives, oh dear  [ Sun Jun 17 2012 11:49 PM ]

    Another point; it is widely viewed that our President has over-ruled Congress (though unconstitutional) with this directive in order to curry favor with the Hispanic vote in November, in certain States. I believe he and his advisors have made a dramatic misinterpretation of what U.S. Hispanics believe.

    The Hispanics that work with me can follow their lineage here in the State for generations. They are U.S. workers and not very excited by Federal directives that put their livelihoods in jeopardy. Every foreign worker willing to undercut their pay is a threat. I know that the media has made this announcement into a circus and they focus on doctors and professionals who may come into our society as worthy additions from other countries, but workers like me and my peeps know that's hype, and frankly, bull. The door is wide open now for every foreign Mother to drag her child over the border for a better life and documentation. Is that a bad thing...?

    Consider this, please. Our Nations Indian Reservations could use the resources and funds that President Obama has now promised to foreigners. Some of our Nations Reservations rival third world countries in infrastructure, economic potential, health, healthy food and hope. Wow... hope and change has a different meaning for many Americans now. I guess the Natives aren't expected to "get out the vote" in November and they don't seem to have quite the lobbying power that the many Mexican amnesty organizations do. Too bad.



  • hope&change  [ Mon Jun 18 2012 10:05 AM ]

    The door is wide open now for every foreign Mother to drag her child over the border for a better life and documentation

    Apparently (it hasn't been made available yet as far as I can tell) this executive order simply prevents those "illegals" who were brought here under the age of 16 -and who have no criminal record- from being deported. And this state of affairs only lasts for two years. I'm guessing that unless one lives in one of the three states who issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens, no one is getting documents.

    Meanwhile, executive order fever is infecting (Arizona) other politicians.

  • Immigration  [ Mon Jun 18 2012 6:12 PM ]

    You bring an extremely poor argument. Are you 10 years old?

  • Immigration  [ Mon Jun 18 2012 6:48 PM ]

    You bring hyperbole.

    And yes, I am ten years old.

  • An entire decade of knowledge, woop, woop!  [ Wed Jun 20 2012 10:13 PM ]

    Since you are Ten years old I would love to give you a teddy bear The bear is named after Theodore Roosevelt, a U.S. President. #26. Theodore is the long name for "teddy". Your local Police sub-station will have some that I've given them. Have your dad drive you over some day and the folks will love to meet you, since you sound so cute, and they will give you one.

    Now to the part Mom and Dad didn't tell you....

    You live in a job-market that is already competitive with other kids just like you, and there is just not any manufacturing jobs to speak of. No typewriters to build or even automotive tires.

    Are you articulate, Sweetheart? Too bad, the Mexicans don't even get those jobs. Imagine that! Sirius Radio keeps calling and I don't understand Mandarin Indian, but they want money. I told them, call back when this mid=westerner can understand you. We're in the weeds now, Darling.

    Mexicans can get jobs, your brother or sister could do, in many fields. You're not qualified however. You are not willing to accept...........are you kidding??

    Tell your Dad to start creating jobs, just like I do and tell him to stop bitchy replies like this one I had to endure.



    Conservationist and maybe 1st Green Party Politician (arguably) TR

  • Pancho Villa and T.R.  [ Thu Jun 21 2012 9:32 PM ]

    Noticed that Executive Orders, Executive Privelege and Executive Mandates are flying around like a tortilla fight... right now...

    and the Attorney General is being grilled like refried beans... some politicians may wish they addressed this 18 months ago.... when it popped up like a fresh sopapailla... before the General Election becomes imminent.

    Don't really understand why our President throws the American Working Class under the bus to capitulate to activist organizations for a handful of votes. Aren't we supposed to be creating American jobs afterall???

    A leader like T.R. would never drone the opposition like this Administration. T.R. charged the hill. Can you imagine this President doing the same?



  • Journal editorial  [ Sat Jun 23 2012 10:38 PM ]

    It saddens me that I have to keep reminding people. The Abq. Journal editorial calls issuing drivers licenses to illegals "another criminal enterprise rooted in New Mexico's ludicrous, predatory and dangerous 2003 law..."

    The editorial cites the latest scandal, under Federal endictment now involving at least 164 illegal immigrants fraudulently acquiring DL's.

    What's up folks?? Why can't you care about our workers and not theirs, dumbfounded. These DL's permit and lead to illegal activity from numerous countries, Hire from within!!!



  • I have to keep reminding people....  [ Wed Jun 27 2012 10:21 PM ]

    Dear Mr. PottiRat

    No one asked you to keep reminding us of your point, which is ....what?

    In my opinion, a couple hundred fake IDs is not a big deal. One president after the other claiming the power to nullify the law -- THAT is a big deal.

  • PottiRat sez...  [ Thu Jun 28 2012 11:02 PM ]


    Presidents don't nullify New Mexicos' laws yet. It's possible in the short future though. Look at Arizona. Today the Feds won 3/4 of what they wanted v. the Citizens. Our sitting President didn't win entirely. Most folks promise some blow-back.

    The President had a big day today in the Supreme Court. Just love your Federal Government, PB. Grasp it, Embrace it, become Subjucated.



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