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The Daily Word in murder, a medical spa, primary election predictions and Tesla

The Daily Word

The victim of a 1996 beating by newly accused murderer Brian Pulliam speaks out.

Albuquerque's new spa-like medical resort.

Congressman Steve Pearce thinks Romney will take New Mexico in November.

Shooting at the Empire State Building in New York.

A cartoonist and a retired librarian team up to save Nikola Tesla's Long Island laboratory and turn it into a museum.

Journalism-related offenses are no longer jailable in Egypt.

Eeew. A debate over privacy and publishing naked Prince Harry photos.

Tattoo ink may be a health hazard, CDC calls for increased regulations.

All about the 2012 West Nile virus outbreak.

100 year-old package to be opened today, plus read about other time capsules.

Missing teen escapes alleged captors in East St. Louis.

Men who father children later in life may pass genetic mutations on to their offspring.

An update on Tropical Storm Isaac.

Weather: Highs reach 90 degrees over the weekend; 20 percent chance of rain today and throughout the weekend.

Public Comments (4)
  • Missing in the Big Apple  [ Sat Aug 25 2012 9:59 AM ]

    So the bad guy in NYC fired 5 shots, killed one good guy. The two cops fired 16 shots, killed one bad guy and wounded 9 good guys.

    NYPD does not have the best rep for accuracy under fire. While some PDs have hit rates over 50%, NYPD's is usually under 20%, some years under 10%. IOW, 8-9 of 10 of their shots miss their intended targets and go looking for lawyers. APD has a way better record in that regard. So does Due Moore.

    Would civilians licensed to carry have done worse? There are a few thousand in NYC. Robert Dinero is one. What if the cops had to decide who was the good/bad guy if people are trading shots when they show up? NYPD has shot their own before, in and out of uniform.

    So far, near as I can determine, civilians licensed to carry nationwide are actually doing better than NYPD when it comes to avoiding collateral damage. Good thing too, there are about 6 million of 'em out there now, outnumbering the cops about 6 to 1.

    Maybe we should add teaching duck and cover to drop and roll in school now? Basic gun safety and marksmanship? With about 300 million guns out there, might save more lives than CPR? Safety is for everybody!

    Last edited [8/25/12 10:10 AM]
  • Two outta three aint bad?  [ Sat Aug 25 2012 3:32 PM ]

    The two NYPD cops hit the bad guy w 10 of their 16 shots. Distance was less than 10 ft. That's way better than they usually do, but still room for improvement. I'm sure they did much better than that when they qualified at the range, but it's very different when it's for real.

    Three of the collateral damage victims were hit by whole bullets, the rest fragments. Three required surgery and remain hospitalized. Might have been much worse if NYPD were still using full metal jacket bullets instead of the hollow points they switched to in 1998. The FMJ over penetrated and ricocheted even more. Backin 95/96, one third of the people hit by NYPD bullets were hit by bullets that went through somebody else first.

  • what's so bad about seeing Prince Harry naked?  [ Sat Aug 25 2012 4:04 PM ]

    He's not THAT ugly....no need to be uptight about it.

  • Three strikes?  [ Sun Aug 26 2012 10:08 AM ]

    How many strikes has Pulliam had? What's it take to get a guy like that put away from the rest of us for a loooooong time?

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