The Daily Word in drones, radiation and head transplants

The Daily Word

These aren't the droids you're looking for, Roswellians.

If you have kids, here's yet another reason not to adopt Easter animals.

Like its adult counterpart, the juvenile detention center is a scary place. ... with blind spots.

County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver personally supports same-sex marriage, but she has been advised she doesn't have the legal authority to issue these licenses.

Steve Alford ain't goin' anywhere. ... for at least a decade.

Planning to visit Los Alamos? LANL officials say there's no need to pack your Geiger counter.

To entomologists, head transplants are old hat, yo.

A Hawk and a Hacksaw loves the great outdoors.

ISO a not-so-silent spring soundtrack? If you're on Spotify, check out my über-fresh pre-summer playlist, featuring Scott Walker, Jacques Brel, Donald Fagen, The Andrews Sisters, Fairport Convention and more.