The Daily Word in drought, fire and fish ball-monster chair

The Daily Word

New Mexico is on fire.

Über-drought drains the village of Magdalena's only well.

Two local, bilingual Whole Foods team members were suspended for speaking Spanish at work and complaining about the English-only rule.

V.B. Price calls for an extensive buffer zone around Chaco Canyon.

Will you indulge your sweet tooth at Burque's new cereal bar, R U Cereal?

A black bear attacked an elderly, bedridden woman in her Raton, N.M. home last night. She survived, but expect more bears wandering into populated areas, as drought continues.

Peep this hi-res 25-image composite of the Sun, in all its solar storm glory.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, your moment of fuzzy wuzzy, Roly Poly, fish ball-monster chair.