The Daily Word in Reies López Tijerina, rubber bands and Johnny Tapia doc

The Daily Word

In Alibi-centric news, we're psyched about publishing author, academic and La Jicarita Managing Editor David Correia's "Who is Reies López Tijerina?" Keep your eyes peeled for monthly New Mexico environmental news features.

In related news, this week's cover photo of Tijerina is by talented local photographer Jakob Schiller. In his latest Wired column, Schiller hypes photog Wes Naman's newest distortion project, wherein Naman transitions from Scotch tape to rubber bands and spotlights New Mexican musicians. Peep a making-of vid here.

Starting tomorrow, New Mexico law will prohibit employers and schools from requesting employee or student social media passwords. Other laws that go into effect on Friday include expanded Sunday liquor sales hours, more funding to suss out horse doping and The Fair Pay for Women Act.

Wildfires continue to rage in the Gila, Santa Fe and Lincoln National Forests. Peep InciWeb for updates and reports.

"Tapia," a documentary on native son Johnny Tapia's boxing career, premieres on Saturday at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Peep the trailer.

Am I, like, the only person who didn't know Ricky Gervais was in a new wave band in the '80s?