The Daily Word in marriage equality, behavioral health audit lawsuit and ballet on knifepoint

The Daily Word

New Mexico County Clerks vote to seek ruling by the State Supreme Court on issuance of same-sex marriage licenses.

On Wednesday the State Supreme Court denied two Santa Fe plaintiffs' lawyer's request to consolidate current and future gay marriage cases and assign them to a single judge, calling the request "moot."

State Senator William Sharer (R) published a poorly argued and thoroughly offensive blog on same-sex marriage. Excerpts include: "Sex between a man and a woman produces babies – society needs babies – babies need both moms and dads" and "Alexander [the Great] may have engaged in homosexual activity, but he married a woman. He directed his officers to stop 'whoring' around and find a local woman to marry."

Tres Amigas proposes underground New Mexico Express line to connect Four Corners area power generators to the Texas grid and southern New Mexico.

Scope Alibi contributing writer Nora Hickey's excellent arts feature on Justin St. Germain's memoir, Son of a Gun. Read all about it in Beyond Legend.

New Mexico In Depth and Las Cruces Sun-News filed a joint lawsuit on Tuesday pushing for the public release of audit records used by the New Mexico Human Services Department to suss out "credible allegations of fraud" against 15 behavioral health care providers.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, your moment of a ballerina dancing—in pointe shoes extended by kitchen knives—on a piano.