The Daily Word in Smokey Bear, stoner metal and Zozobra

The Daily Word

The US Forest Service has a storied history of paternalism and mismanagement in northern New Mexico forests. Alibi media partner La Jicarita makes the case against outmoded and ineffective forestry management in "Only You Can Stop the Forest Service."

Get your RDI of New Mexico News in Alibi's biweekly serialization, courtesy of author Mike Smith and artist ¡Brapola!

Scope Four Up to fulfill your doom/stoner metal, freewheelin' improv, classical and trombone live music wants. Now with A/V previews!

A 7-year-old first-grader brought a loaded .40 caliber Glock to class yesterday.

Slate examines New Mexico's path to legal same-sex marriage.

The Grey Lady reports on recent, tasteless anti-abortion protests here in Burque.

The City's plan to "improve" the Bosque meets hundreds-strong opposition.

In the mood to yell "Burn him"? Witness the fiery demise of Old Man Gloom in Santa Fe tonight. The Kiwanis Club halved ticket prices this year, so general admission is only 10 bucks, and kids aged 10-and-under get in free. For more deets, check out KOB-TV's website and this New Mexican editorial. If you can't make it, there's always the South Valley-based El Kookooee in late October.