The Daily Word in porn, nukes and bow ties

The Daily Word

We all know about the NM Supreme Court's reversal of the Guild Cinema's Pornotopia conviction by now; but what does the decision actually mean for Pornotopia and the 505? Find out in Beyond Pleasuredome.

Alibi alum and ACLU-NM Director of Public Policy Steven Robert Allen talks with Jesse Tyler Ferguson, of "Modern Family," about bow ties, marriage equality and more in this week's feature, Wedding Bells.

Contributing writer Mike Smith previews Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser's newest, a nuclear treatise titled Command and Control. And I whipped up an absurd, kitschy atomic playlist.

Rebecca Gonzales, this semester's fearless editorial intern, wrote a fantastic article on the fourth annual Gatas y Vatas, a solo women's music fest. Read all about it in Gatas Sing Outside the Box.

Rest in peace, Jane Blume. Blume was a former general manager of KUNM and a tireless volunteer.

KOB's Stuart Dyson states the obvious about a newish tourism vid starring Downtown, noting that there aren't any "panhandlers or sleeping winos," but dare I suggest that the biggest problem facing Downtown is a heartbreaking absence of a working mental health care system? Yes, I dare.

I'm not a big fan of the papacy, but Pope Francis is beginning to win me over.