The Daily Word in balloons, zines and government shutdown

The Daily Word

Scope our Insider's Guide to Balloon Fiesta, y'all. Both veteran and neophyte balloonatics can learn something from Prêt-à-Porta Potty, our Fiesta picks and, natch, the schedule of events.

Are honeybees alchemists? Amelia Olson investigates.

Get your RDI of New Mexico News.

All hail Crib Notes aka the triumphant return of our weekly current affairs pop quiz.

We celebrate self-published micro lit by interviewing ABQ Zine Fest founder Marya Errin Jones in preview of this weekend's third annual fest.

Boost your post-"Breaking Bad" mood by dining at the IRL versions of BrBa's culinary landscape.

Sonic doc Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me captures the supernova-like career of a seminal pop-rock band.

This week's Four Up covers: modern jazz; hip-hop; ’70s garage/protopunk trio Death documentary, A Band Called Death; and The Legendary Pink Dots.

Alibi media partner La Jicarita weighs in on the hands-on/hands-off wildfire management debate.

What does the government shutdown mean for New Mexico? Business First and the Journal explore the topic.