The Daily Word in APD, FDIC and Cracks in the Sidewalk

The Daily Word

Interim Albuqerque Police Chief announces his retirement in the midst of a DOJ investigation. His announcement came to light on the same day the Alibi published "Life and Death and APD" by David Corriea.

Sherriff Dan Houston was unanimously cleared of ethics violations at a meeting that took place yesterday.

La Esquina is closing after nearly 30 years.

Former officials at failed First Community Bank are being sued by the FDIC.

A reported fire on campus at UNM turned out to be a false alarm.

Duke City Fix blogger Johnny_Mango bought a motor home. It has a double bed, y todo. It’s the "stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep," dude.

Local firebrand and retired UNM professor Richard M. Berthold engages ancient Greece and Vietnam in his latest post at QQDuckus.

Crib Notes provides a fun yet challenging take on the region’s weekly news happenings. Plus, there’s a photo of Cracks in the Sidewalk and naked 18th-century art to check out.