The Daily Word 02.11.09

The Daily Word

Marty puts the pedal to the metal in Tesuque.

My two gay friends to sleep with Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba...

USA continues to war in Afghanistan.

That which is made in China is in economic distress as well.

Stamp prices increasing again.

Rich people who want bailout money.

Other uses for well-known medicines.

Tornados and mobile homes still don't mix.

For the love of Lincoln. Born 200 years ago.

Woodstock revival in Germany, maaan.

Vag gel smoothes out HIV risk.

No me gusta fat and pregnant.

Van Damme and his "badassery" continues to function.

Ann Coulter never fails to suck, and look weird.

Twenty-two dogs in one car. Really.

Farewell shitty Muzak while you shop for elevator clothes.

Album of the day: Vaughn Williams: "A Sea Symphony"

Weather: Back to normal today. And in the '50s.