The Daily Word 02.21.09

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Molotov cocktail explodes at a Smith's location not in the student ghetto.

Mayor on stimulus.

"Robust" calendar of events planned for Santa Fe's 400th.

Public employees could take a pay cut.

The possibility of digging up Geronimo is opposed.

Lost city of Atlantis probably not found, but maybe.

Possible drug smuggler shot at the border.

Governors feel bad about the economy.

"8 Useful Online Tools for Traveling Filmmakers"

Rihanna speaks. Yesterday was her birthday.

More talk about journalism's future.

Jeff Buckely and Elizabeth Fraser, and Pretty in Black is a blog I like.

Album of the day: "Si On Avait Besoin d'une Cinquième Saison" by Harmonium.

Weather: Tuesday could see a high of 70 degrees.